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If Josh Marcus‘ résumé didn’t already convince you that he was the No. 1 goalie in the class of 2025, his performance at the NLF Futures at IMG a few weeks ago sure cemented it.

Marcus had already backstopped Staples to a Connecticut state championship after earning the starting job midway through the season. He followed it up with a stalwart summer, including All-Star honors at Maverik Showtime and One Percent. Marcus was also terrific this fall at the NLF Fall Invitational, so there was already plenty to back up his lofty reputation.

His play at IMG, though, cemented his spot as a five-star prospect in the class of 2025. When the full rankings are unveiled in a few weeks, he’ll be the No. 1 goalie. At IMG, he showed the ball-stopping ability that every coach loves. He shined even brighter when it came to the clearing game – nearly every pass is a dime – and communication. You can hear Marcus communicate with his teammates at all times. It’s a trait that everyone wants, but can take some goalies years to master.


Poised Beyond His Years

“When Josh stepped in goal for us last year, you could feel a sense of calm and confidence spread across our entire defense,” Staples head coach and Eclipse director Will Koshansky said. “It was incredible to see his poise, particularly for a freshman, in the biggest moments. Not only is he an amazing stopper, his vocal leadership and clearing ability changed the way we played down the stretch. Having Josh out there is like having another coach leading the defense from on the field.”

Eclipsing the Rest of the Goalie Field

Being the son of an All-American goalie in Johns Hopkins legend Jon Marcus helps, but the younger Marcus has done an outstanding job of forging his own path. He’s the backbone of a talented Eclipse team. Marcus is the latest in the line of top-flight goalies from the Connecticut club, one that includes Notre Dame freshman Thomas Ricciardelli (Taft, Conn.) and projected Harvard starter Christian Barnard (Brunswick, Conn.).

Marcus has all the makings to be just as good as any of those that have come before him.

“We’ve had a lot of really amazing goalies come through our program and Josh is right there with them,” Eclipse director and PLL defensive coordinator Jamie Hanford said. “His calmness, work ethic, composure and leadership abilities make him unique at a young age. I haven’t seen a better goalie in the class. He brings the shot-stopping ability, loud communication and phenomenal outlet passes. Josh has got all three, and on top of that, he’s got a short memory, which is what every goalie needs. It’s rare to find a goalie at this age that has those four traits.”

Scouting Notes

It’s almost uncanny how calm and poised Marcus is. He’s unflappable in the cage. Starting as a freshman goalie anywhere is an impressive feat. Leading your team to a state title, though? That’s special. Marcus wasn’t just along for the ride, either. He stopped 62 percent of shots sent his way, including five stops in the state title game.

There’s very little wasted motion with Marcus. Some of his difficult saves look extremely routine because he’s always in control, and he rarely guesses on shots. Marcus’ movements are fluid and efficient and he’s pinpoint accurate in the clearing game. He’s a superb communicator and organizes the defense in a manner that’s wise beyond his years. There aren’t a ton of flaws to his game.