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Michael Ippoliti

Committed to:Syracuse
High School
St. Dominic, N.Y.
Current Team
Shore 2 Shore
5 out of 5 stars

NLF National Championships Honorable Mention

One Percent Showcase July 2021 Evaluation

All-Star for the second time. One of the best goalies in the class, Ippoliti moves well with shooters in the cage. Far from the biggest goalie, he makes up for a lack of size by moving efficiently from side to side and tracks shooters well. He’s got a quick stick and he’s able to use his lower body independently to deny shooting options. Ippoliti works well with his defense to keep everyone on the same page and does a nice job of baiting shooters into playing catch with him by leaving open spots to which he knows he can get.

One Percent Showcase October 2020 Evaluation

All-Star. Take your pick between Ippoliti and Owen Duffy as the team MVP. Ippoliti is going to be in VERY high demand on Sept. 1, 2021. He doesn’t have elite size, but he makes up for it with some ridiculous hands, agility and ball-stopping ability. He uses his shorter stature to his advantage by baiting opponents to shoot high and taking it away with ease. Terrific on ground balls and in the clearing game, “he’s the real deal,” per pro Matt McMahon.