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High School
Westminster, Ga.
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5 out of 5 stars

NLF March 2021 Super 60 Rankings
Ranked No. 55 overall, No. 18 midfielder

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating: 90

Named the 2023 tournament MVP at the NLF at IMG event – he also ripped home a hat trick in the All-Star Game – Wooley is a do-it-all midfielder who can make an impact all over the field. He does a nice job of dodging with his head up and finding the open man, can score lefty or righty and also takes pride in his defense.

“I try to play two ways,” Wooley said after IMG. “I start on the wings and try to get a ground ball. If I get stuck on defense, I try to lock it up and maybe get a save and a clear. Get down the field, get my head up when I’m dodging or try to get inside off-ball. I like to push it in transition a lot. If I see a matchup, I’ll take it and 6 on 6, I’m always trying to find a seam and put the ball in the back of the net.”

2021 NLF at IMG Standout

Lead feature

2021 NLF at IMG All-Star Game Standout

We’ll have a lot more on the tournament MVP in the ’23 standouts piece, but Wooley definitely made his presence felt in the All-Star Game, pocketing a hat trick for the White squad. He showed that he could score a couple of different ways, including a turnaround jumper and a righty snap down the left alley. Wooley loves to compete and found himself in the middle of just about everything, leaving his mark on offense, defense and in transition.

Major Accolades

2021 NLF at IMG ’23 Tournament MVP
2021 NLF at IMG All-Star