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Ben Fox

Committed to:North Carolina
High School
Chaminade, N.Y.
Current Team
Team 91 LI
5 out of 5 stars

NLF Spring 2022 Class of 2024 Rankings
Ranked No. 17

Like Spencer Ford, Fox is another player that came out of the fall and winter looking like a solid four-star. Things change when you not only start at a national power like Chaminade, but also become the Flyers’ top defensive option. Fox has been tasked with covering some incredibly high-level upperclass attackmen and he’s performed admirably in the process. He exudes toughness, doesn’t back down from anyone and seeks out the top matchups. He’s a lockdown 1v1 defender with a fast-improving off-ball game, and his improvement over the past six months or so has been eye-popping. The entire Wolfpack starting defense is in this countdown for good reason. It’s a lockdown group, and Fox is right in the middle of it.

St. Anthony’s – Chaminade Standout

Part of a defensive crew that helped the Team 91 Long Island Wolfpack to a 2024 national championship this summer at UMass, Fox looks the part of a big-time college defenseman. He checks in at 6-2, 185 pounds, but he moves really well for a guy his size. Fox has already established himself as the Flyers’ top close defenseman as a sophomore and he’s also a very high-academic student, a duo of things that bodes well for him on Sept. 1.

Fox plays with sandpaper to his game, not afraid to get physical and threw checks to inflict pain. He did a nice job in 1v1 coverage and used his size to push back against some older offensive options for the Friars. His off-ball defense has improved, as has his stick, and he didn’t back down from anyone on the St. Anthony’s roster.