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Ethan Bramoff

Committed to:
Defense, LSM
High School
St. Anthony's, N.Y.
Current Team
LI Express
5 out of 5 stars


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Bramoff sure checks off a lot of boxes for what you want out of an LSM. He has elite stick skills, the ability to consistently cause turnovers and the offensive mindset of a midfielder. It’s not rare to find him with the ball in his stick behind the opponent’s cage. Bramoff is also much better in coverage than the average LSM. Some of the best offensive players in the class have struggled to gain separation from him in 1v1 situations when he’s patient with his stick. Sometimes, he’ll go for the big play and it can cost him, but he makes a lot more plays than he gives up.

There have also been situations where Express has moved him to close defense to take out an opposing attackman. That’s no issue for him, and he understands angles and approaches down low as well as he does up top. His stick is so active that he’s constantly able to make guys uncomfortable when they’re dodging, leading to turnovers and poor shots. If there’s a ball on the ground, it’s his on the first try just about every time. He’s part of a terrific All-Friars rope unit for Express alongsideĀ faceoff midfielderĀ Robbie Johnson andĀ Jake Johnston. Together, they’re almost unstoppable, but Bramoff’s ability to not only get the ball, but turn it into instant offense, is special.