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Ethan Kraske

Committed to:
High School
Wakefield, N.C.
Current Team
Team 91 Carolina

NLF Fall Invitational Standout

Kraske was a major driving force behind 91 South’s success. The younger brother of Team 91 Carolina 2022 faceoff middie and Ohio State signee Coleman Kraske, he split some early battles with Leading Edge’s Jordan Hernando (Mountain Lakes, N.J.) before pulling away for a 9-for-14 day at the stripe. It wasn’t just the nine wins, though, but also how Kraske strung them together. It was no coincidence that 91 South outscored Leading Edge, 5-0, in the second half with the way that Kraske controlled the dot.

“When you’re up against a FOGO that’s just as good as you, it’s really important to know what he’s doing, so as soon as I was able to figure out what he was doing, I was able to counter it,” Kraske said. “It made it a lot easier for me and it made it easier to get us the ball. I used a lot of rakes. If he would win the clamp, I would just come under and pop the ball out.”

When Kraske got the ball, the 91 South offense made the extra possessions count.