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Hunter Mezzatesta

Committed to:
High School
Yorktown, N.Y.
Current Team
Express North
5 out of 5 stars

There isn’t a ’26 goalie in the country that has Mezzatesta’s penchant for making the impossible look easy. Everything’s always under control and everything’s always smooth with Mezzatesta, and he has such a flair for making incredible 1v1 saves. Mezzatesta rarely guesses and he’s able to stay calm, poised and controlled with his movements to make saves.

Mezzatesta worked hard to reshape his body a few years ago and it’s paid huge dividends in his quickness and footwork. You can tell that he’s put in a lot of time to dial in his technique and it’s incredibly advanced for a high school sophomore. His outlets are pristine, rarely missing his target and often dropping 30-40 yard dimes when needed. Mezzatesta has a terrific understanding of the position and is very vocal in commanding the defense in front of him. There are college goalies who don’t communicate as well as he does.

He’s the most well-rounded goalie in the ’26 class right now, and he is in the running for the title of No. 1 player in the class.