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Jack Elliott

Committed to:Michigan
High School
Taft, Conn.
Current Team
Juiced Cherries
4 out of 5 stars

One Percent 2021 Evaluation

Elliott, who recently announced a transfer to Taft as a ’24, outstandingly blends speed and strength. He works well within the team concept, reading the game well, sliding decisively, recovering quickly and communicating effectively. Elliott has long strides and a heavy stick, but he’s also precise on the ground and in his stick checks. He should be one of the best ’24s in the country and is a terrific addition to Nic Bell‘s powerhouse Rhinos.

One Percent 2020 Evaluation

All-Star. A good-sized defenseman who didn’t need much prodding to use his size to his advantage, particularly at GLE, Elliott also has a terrific handle who can cover, collapse, communicate and close space on an offensive player. He moved pretty well in the open field, too.

Major Accolades

2021 One Percent All-Star
2021 Michigan first-team All-State
2021 NLF at IMG All-Star
2020 One Percent All-Star
2020 Nike National Mid-America North All-Star