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Jake Bickel

Committed to:
Attack, Midfield
High School
Malvern Prep, Pa.
Current Team
Team Ten
4 out of 5 stars

There’s a lot to like about Bickel, particularly when projecting him as a college prospect. At 6-2, 165, he’s got a great frame that will allow him to prosper in a collegiate weight room. Before he gets there, though, he’s going to do a lot of damage from all over the offensive end. He ran midfield for the Friars this spring, emerging as a pretty consistent offensive threat to the tune of 15 goals and 12 assists.

On a team without NLF No. 4 ’25 Michael Ortlieb, he’d be a very good X attackman who could orchestrate the Friars’ offense. His versatility, size and athleticism set him apart from a lot of his peers. Bickel does a ton of damage from X and does a great job of using his vision to spot open teammates.