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Oliver Skeean

Committed to:
High School
Walton, Ga.
Current Team
4 out of 5 stars

Summer of 2023 Evaluation

Like Rodehorst, Skeean is exceptionally gifted at making plays in space. As a freshman, he scored 30 goals as a short-stick for Walton. As a sophomore, he earned All-American honors as a pole. He just finds ways to positively impact the game. Skeean isn’t overly big but plays a very tenacious, aggressive and opportunistic game. A standout for the South team at Nike Nationals, Skeean has tremendous stickwork and is an asset on the faceoff wings.

Spring of 2023 Evaluation

Skeean will certainly never bore you with his play. There’s a whole lot to like about a lefty pole who’s always around the ball and scored 30 goals as a short-stick as a freshman. An All-America honoree for Walton as a sophomore, Skeean is omnipresent around the ball and has a knack for putting the rock on the ground, picking it up and going the other way. He’s a very good defender for an LSM, often locking up the other team’s best attackman at close defense. A One Percent winter All-Star, he plays man-up with a pole and can even take faceoffs as a change of pace.