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Phillip Verdi

Committed to:Johns Hopkins
High School
Chaminade, N.Y.
Current Team
LI Express
4 out of 5 stars

NLF March 2021 Super 60 Rankings
Ranked No. 53 overall, No. 5 goalie

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating: 90

A thickly-built goalie with a knack for coming up with big saves, Verdi has shined at a number of events in the past six months, including when he was named an All-Star at the NLF Futures at IMG. Betting on a Chaminade goalie has worked wonders for college programs in the past, and Verdi should be no different. He’s excellent on low shots and does an outstanding job of cutting down angles and putting himself in the right position to make tough saves look easy.

2021 NLF at IMG All-Star Game Standout

A known commodity on the ’23 circuit for years, Verdi continues to impress with every showing, and he’s firmly entrenched himself among the list of the best goalies in the grade. A thick, solidly-built goalie who can also move well, Verdi had an impeccable stretch of seven or eight straight saves, nearly all of them on low shots. Side note: maybe shooting high would have been the move after he made his first few low saves. He had a great 1v1 save on Nagle on the doorstep and made tough stops look routine. He must have flirted with double-digit saves and did a nice job of making safe and short accurate passes in the clearing game.

One Percent Showcase Evaluation

All-Star. There might not be a bigger goalie factory in the country than Chaminade, and Verdi is the next big thing in the cage for the Flyers. He’s got a very sturdy, solidly-built frame, and the thick goalie moves really well. Like his running mate Connor Foley, he was very outspoken and communicated well, and he threw dimes in the clearing game. He made a ton of tough low saves, and scoring against he and Foley was an absolute grind.

Major Accolades

2021 NLF at IMG All-Star
2020 One Percent Showcase All-Star
2019 NLF National Champion