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Preston Evans

Committed to:
High School
Belmont Hill, Mass.
Current Team
Laxachusetts Black
4 out of 5 stars

Fall 2023 Evaluation

This class isn’t particularly deep at lefty attack, and even less so at lefty attack for guys who have Evans’ skillset. He’s a very good feeder who dodges with his head up and can get passes through traffic right into a teammate’s stick, both from X and from the wing. Evans is also an excellent shooter who changes levels well to keep goalies guessing, but man, the ride. Scratch that. Evans doesn’t ride so much as he hunts the ball. He is relentless on the ride and seems to get as much enjoyment from causing a turnover as he does setting up or scoring a goal.

Evans had a very productive Nike Nationals for tournament runner-up New England, led Laxachusetts to titles at the NLF Summer Kickoff and Legacy Invitational and helped them win their pool at NLF. That came on the heels of a 29-goal, 31-assist season to help Belmont Hill to a terrific season.

Spring 2023 Evaluation

An incredibly cerebral lefty with an advanced IQ, Evans was the offensive ringleader for a Belmont Hill team that was in the top 10 of the NLF rankings. He put together a nearly perfectly-balanced stat line of 29 goals and 31 assists. Evans has excellent vision and an innate ability to dodge with his head up, understand where the slide is coming from and hit his teammates in stride. The NLF at IMG All-Star extremely confident in being the offense’s quarterback and does an excellent job of dictating the pace of play. He’s also a very tenacious rider and takes pride in not allowing free clears.