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Committed to:Duke
High School
Brunswick, Conn.
Current Team
Prime Time
5 out of 5 stars

NLF Fall 2021 Rankings
Ranked No. 7 overall
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating: 97

Delgado’s the first player in the top 10 to dip a little bit from his original spot after starting out at No. 3 in the spring. That’s more of a testament to other players improving than anything against Delgado. He’s still an elite athlete who is dominant between the lines and a killer’s mentality.

“Athletically, he’s a cut above most guys,” one college assistant coach said.

Like Hoffman, he played a ton for a very good Brunswick team. Neither were asked to be the man offensively for the Bruins, something that will likely change next spring. When he plays for Prime Time, though, everyone knows who’s getting the ball in the big moment. He snapped home the overtime winner in the Naptown Challenge title game, and he nearly willed Prime Time to a playoff berth in the NLF National Championships with a four-goal outing against the West Coast Starz. He’s at his best in transition, and if he can refine his 6v6 settled offense, look out.

NLF National Championships Standout

Prime Time and the West Coast Starz squared off for the Pool 2 title and a playoff berth, and while the Starz came out with the W, it wasn’t due to a lack of effort from Delgado. The No. 3 prospect in the class, he beat defenders down the alley with speed and power and nearly willed Prime Time to a win with a four-goal outburst. Delgado is a menace between the lines and he plays angry all the time. You can try to get in his way on the clear, although we certainly wouldn’t recommend it and neither would any doctor worth his or her salt. Delgado doesn’t dance around much when he’s heading upfield. It’s one cut and go, which makes him even tougher to slow down.

NLF March 2021 Super 60 Rankings
Ranked No. 3 overall, No. 2 midfielder
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating: 98

Feature story

One Percent Showcase Evaluation

All-Star. If Delgado isn’t the best ’23 in the country, he’s at worst top 5. Whew. He’s got an older brother at Duke and another headed to Michigan, and there’s a consensus that he could be better than both, and that’s putting it mildly. A complete midfielder who plays angry, Delgado blends size, power, a blistering shot, lethal clearing ability and a desire to hurt people on the defensive end. He completely took over one game with a bunch of goals and some plays on the defensive end, and he pocketed at least four goals in the All-Star Game. Best play of the day might have been a clear, though, where he served as the windshield against five guys who were the bugs. He will be a priority for every major program on 9.1.21.

Nike Nationals All-Star Standout

Delgado and Brunswick/Connecticut teammate Leo Hoffman might be the two best all-around midfielders in the ’23 class. Delgado is an exceptional athlete who buzzes around the field and has a hand in everything, and few are better at getting to his spot to set up a shot. He makes everything look easy and is a mismatch for defenses.

Major Accolades

2021 Maverik Showtime All-Star
2020 One Percent Showcase All-Star MVP
2020 Nike National Connecticut All-Star
2019 Maverik Showtime
2018 Maverik Showtime