The NLF Futures at IMG 2022 All-Star Game featured so many of the best uncommitted players in the 2022 class.

There’s no doubt that these guys won’t be staying uncommitted for very long, particularly with the performances that they put on at IMG.

You can watch the full All-Star Game at the video above. Game film is courtesy of NextPro. CLICK HERE to watch highlights from the 2022 and 2023 All-Star Games.


No. 3 Brendan Donnelly, goalie, Big 4 HHH
No. 4 Will Coale, attack, Eclipse
No. 8 Hayden Fruhling, attack, Eclipse 

No. 8 Jimmy Van Metre, goalie, Midwest Express
No. 16 Tyler Morris, Thunder LB3 
No. 25 Logan White, attack, Denver Elite 
No. 37 Andrew Hahm, LSM, Laxachusetts 
No. 38 Ethan Hecht, LSM, MadLax Oregon 
No. 42 Seamus McCarthy, defense, Laxachusetts 
No. 47 John Young, defense, Team 91 Maryland
No. 48 Klaus Anger, faceoff, Midwest Express 
No. 55 Quinn Warwick, faceoff, 2Way 
No. 60 Chase Gregory, defense, 4Leaf
No. 65 Nate Schultz, defense, Cherries 
No. 68 Lucas Baehr, midfield, Crabs 
No. 69 Conor Bailey, midfield, Eclipse 
No. 72 Jack Booth, midfield, West Coast Starz 
No. 86 Jack Green, midfield, SweetLax Florida
No. 93 Charlie Lohman, midfield, Thunder LB3 
No. 106 Braedon Rudolph, midfield, Denver Elite



No. 2 Alex Colella, goalie, Laxachusetts
No. 3 Ryan Challice, attack, Team 91 Tri-State
No. 6 Carter Connors, attack, Eclipse 

No. 10 Danny Kessering, attack, Thunder LB3 
No. 11 Declan Landers, attack, Salt Kings 
No. 31 Jamison Eigel, LSM, Midwest Express 
No. 32 Quinn Fedor, LSM, Laxachusetts 
No. 40 Griffin Leidel, defense, Burning River 
No. 44 Liam Rubingh, defense, Denver Elite 
No. 45 Chad Russo, defense, Eclipse 
No. 56 Cade Bauer, goalie, True National
No. 58 Jacob Coldwell, defense, Midwest Express 
No. 73 Connor Borkowicz, midfield, Cherries 
No. 79 Joe Cesare, midfield, Eclipse 
No. 87 Grant Green, midfield, Denver Elite 
No. 97 AJ McBorrough, midfield, Denver Elite 
No. 112 Ryan Thompson, midfield, Prime Time 
No. 113 Thomas Vandenberg, midfield, Mad Dog 
No. 128 Nick Golubov, faceoff, SweetLax Florida 
No. 132 Joseph Cavanaugh, faceoff, Midwest Express