The NLF Futures at IMG 2023 All-Star Game brought out a ton of the best ’23s in the country.

You’ll be hearing these guys’ names a ton in the coming months, so you’d better get to know them now.

You can watch the full All-Star Game at the video above. Game film is courtesy of NextPro.


No. 9 Owen Dixon, attack, Crabs
No. 16 Matt Dineen, goalie, VLC
No. 21 Niko Karetsos, attack, Thunder LB3
No. 24 Phillip Verdi, goalie, Long Island Express
No. 44 Ronan Fitzpatrick, attack, Team 91 Warriors
No. 47 Jackson Wolfram, attack, Prime Time
No. 51 Wells Bergstrom, defense, Big 4 HHH
No. 66 Quintan Kilrain, defense, Crabs
No. 80 David Sullivan, defense, Laxachusetts
No. 88 Sean Creter, faceoff, Leading Edge
No. 105 Jake Engel, LSM, DC Express
No. 109 Luke Michalik, LSM, Prime Time
No. 116 Jackie Weller, faceoff, MadLax DC Dogs
No. 132 Kris Henning, midfield, Big 4 HHH
No. 134 Maddox Johnson, midfield, SweetLax Florida
No. 135 Charlie Kingsbury, midfield, Big 4 HHH
No. 142 Patrick Mullen, midfield, Prime Time
No. 163 Julian Targete, midfield, Laxachusetts
No. 167 Aidan Wooley, midfield, Thunder LB3
No. 169 Jack Elliott, defense, Cherries



No. 1 Nikolas Barbero, attack, Team 91 Bandits
No. 10 Harrison Edwards, attack, West Coast Starz
No. 17 Connor Foley, goalie, Laxachusetts
No. 18 Walker Hunter, goalie, Leading Edge
No. 33 Hill Plunkett, attack, Thunder LB3
No. 61 Tillman Griffeth, defense, Thunder LB3
No. 70 AJ Marsh, defense, Crabs
No. 71 Mac McGahren, defense, Eclipse
No. 74 Zach Mesa, defense, SweetLax Florida
No. 92 Zach Hayashi, faceoff, Crabs
No. 97 Owen Umansky, faceoff, Laxachusetts
No. 104 Grafton Ely, LSM, Eclipse
No. 113 Walker Schwartz, LSM, Big 4 HHH
No. 121 Davis Cawlfield, midfield, Annapolis Hawks
No. 124 Jordan Faison, midfield, Team 91 Bandits
No. 125 Henry Fleckner, midfield, VLC
No. 143 Tyler Owings, midfield, Crabs
No. 145 Jacob Pacheco, midfield, Crabs
No. 154 Max Seelert, midfield, Eclipse
No. 170 Ryan Nagle, attack, Laxachusetts