The National Lacrosse Federation is pleased to be holding a full slate of events this summer. The NLF Summer Kickoff (teams 2025-2030 on June 5-6 in Middletown, N.Y.), the NLF Elite 120 (the best 2023s in the country on July 14 at UMass), the NLF National Championships (the best 2022 to 2029 teams in the country on July 16-18 at UMass) rank as the top events in the country. CLICK HERE to email us to be considered for the team events.

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This new site is dedicated to being a one-stop shop for all of your lacrosse recruiting news. We’ll have player rankings, team rankings, feature stories, high school game coverage, club events coverage and everything in between.


The site is not exclusive to NLF teams and their players. Rather, we want to showcase as many elite players as possible through as many forms of coverage as we can get. We’ll be pushing our stories through the NLF’s official social media channels. Click the links below to follow us as we push out more content.

What’s New? 

Poke around the site and get yourself comfortable as you check out the latest and greatest going on in high school lacrosse. We’ve got the first three installments of our brand-new 2023 rankings – 60-51, 50-41 and 40-31 – with more coming your way. This is the first set of rankings that we’ve done that have ventured out of the NLF, and every player ranked 60-11 gets a player breakdown. They’ll be broken down into 30-21, 20-11 and then a full individual feature on every player in the top 10.

Player Profiles

Player profiles are continually updated, and it’s our goal to get as many players listed on the site as possible. We’re looking for as much info as we can get on the top players in the nation.

Check back often as we’ll be bringing you the best content in lacrosse recruiting!