Follow the NLF on InstagramTwitter, YouTube and Facebook. We are previewing 2022 AA and 2023 AA teams playing in this weekend’s NLF National Championships.

Top 2022 Commits

NLF No. 4 Charlie Johnson, defense, Brunswick (Conn.) / Duke 
NLF No. 10 Henry Caponiti, attack, Brunswick (Conn.) / Georgetown
NLF No. 22 Matt Waterhouse, midfield, Briarcliff (N.Y.) / Villanova 
NLF No. 53 Kai Prohaszka, LSM, Ridgefield (Conn.) / North Carolina
Jake Sommer, defense, Wilton (Conn.) / Notre Dame 

Top 2022 Uncommitted Players

Ryan Thompson, midfield, Staples (Conn.) 

Thompson will be in demand because two-way midfielders who can get up and down the field for days are always in vogue. Also a football quarterback who plays basketball the winter, the three-sport athlete thrives in transition and can make plays all over the field.


Andrew Minard, goalie, John Jay (N.Y.)

Minard figures to slide into the starting role at John Jay next year as a senior. He’ll likely get that nod because of his cool, composed mentality in the cage, his ball-stopping ability and his penchant for throwing dimes in the outlet game. He’s also not afraid to venture out of the cage.

Tim Isola, defense, Briarcliff (N.Y.)

A three-year starter at Briarcliff, Isola blends a high IQ with a terrific stick. That, combined with his experience and strong decision making, will endear him to a school as a late pickup.

Top 2023 Players

NLF No. 3 Tomas Delgado, midfield, Brunswick (Conn.) 

The total package at midfield. Delgado is going to be on everyone’s priority list on Sept. 1, and with good reason. He’s got the size, the gamebreaking ability all over the field and the angry, high-energy style that everybody loves. He played a ton for Brunswick’s top-5 team this spring and is a marked man in every game for Prime Time, yet always finds a way to deliver, like when he scored the game-winning goal in overtime for the Naptown championship.

NLF No. 15 Tucker Kellogg, midfield, Trinity-Pawling (Conn.) 

Look out. Kellogg can tattoo the back of the net with the best of ’em with an incredibly hard shot, but he’s also worked hard at diversifying his game and becoming more of a well-rounded threat. An improved dodger with competitiveness for days, he can break a game open if you get him the ball.

NLF No. 16 Andrew Greenspan, faceoff midfield, Brunswick (Conn.)

Greenspan’s been toughened up by years of playing with the ’22s, and he’s scary at the X once he finds a groove. Technically, he’s well ahead of many of his peers, and he’s also comfortable running midfield. He was Brunswick’s second faceoff man this spring and took a ton of draws against high-level competition, and he should be the Bruins’ unquestioned top dog next year.