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Caden Harshbarger

Committed to:
High School
Lake Mary, Fla.
Current Team
Sweetlax Florida
5 out of 5 stars

NLF Spring 2022 Class of 2024 Rankings
Ranked No. 10

Athletically, Harshbarger is a cut above just about everyone in the class. He just makes everything look so easy. He doesn’t run by people so much as he just effortlessly glides by them. He’s fast, quick and agile with exceptional change of direction. Get ready to slide when he decides to dodge. You’re going to need it. Harshbarger also does a good job of getting to ground balls on the faceoff wings. He dodges with his head up and can find open guys with ease.

One Percent Winter 2021 Evaluation

All-Star. Athletically, he’s as good as anyone in the class. Harshbarger makes things look so easy. He has very quick feet, is extremely fluid when he runs and demands early slides when he dodges. Harshbarger makes smart, savvy feeds when it’s there, but he can also put a defender in a blender on his way to the rack. He corralled a bunch of ground balls on the faceoff wings and got noticeably more aggressive offensively as the day went on.

One Percent Winter 2020 Evaluation

All-Star. Harshbarger is a smooth operator on the offensive end of the field. When the ball is in his stick, the game slows down. He makes difficult plays appear mundane and his skills are exceptional. It was a joy to watch him play at the event. He can shoot with velocity and accuracy, he’s an exceptional passer and dodger, and he can generate offense from above and behind the cage. He is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive midfield prospects in the 2024 graduating class. The sky’s the limit for this SweetLax middie.

Major Accolades

2021 One Percent Winter All-Star
2020 One Percent Winter All-Star