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Brady Pokorny

Committed to:Notre Dame
High School
Darien, Conn.
Current Team
4 out of 5 stars

NLF Spring 2022 Class of 2024 Rankings
Ranked No. 29

Pokorny, who earned NLF at IMG All-Star honors, is one of the class’ elite lefty finishers. He’s super creative player who earned all-state honors as a freshman at Darien last spring and is one of the Blue Wave’s top players as a sophomore. The younger brother of senior Harvard commit Finn Pokorny, he can score in a million different ways. Pokorny cuts an imposing figure at 6-2, 200 pounds, and while he’s a scorer first, he’s capable of finding open guys as a passer.

NLF at IMG Standout

It’s preposterous that Jamie Hanford has possibly the two best lefties in the class on his team with another good one in Timmy Shannehan behind them. That means that one of them usually comes out of the box, and it’s clear that it’s helped round out Pokorny’s game. At about 6-2, 200 pounds and coming off an outstanding freshman campaign for Darien, Pokorny is a physical mismatch, and he’s got a great stick and a variety of moves to go with it.

There were times when he didn’t score as much as he usually might, but he created a ton of scoring chances in a bunch of different ways. One-handed, in-tight shots, outside shots, sweeps, etc. There isn’t much that Pokorny won’t try. He got matched up against shorties up top a couple of times – that ended how you might expect – and he can also feed.

Major Accolades

2022 NLF at IMG All-Star
2021 One Percent Showcase All-Star
2021 Second-team All-State
2021 First-team All-FCIAC