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Dylan Jaszcz

Committed to:Penn State
High School
Episcopal Academy, Pa.
Current Team
Ascension, Brotherly Love
4 out of 5 stars

NLF Spring 2022 Class of 2024 Rankings
Ranked No. 14

The most electric ’24 scorer in Philly. Jaszcz is a gamebreaking shooter who’s proven himself in the Inter-Ac, one of the toughest leagues in the country. He showed off some of that instant-offense ability by burying a second-half hat trick in a comeback win over Avon Old Farms. He’s a fantastic shooter who gets a ton of velocity on his shots, but he can also beat his man off the dodge to get open. He put up 31 goals and 13 assists as a freshman, numbers that he’s on pace to blow by. He could end up being Episcopal’s highest-recruited offensive player in years.

One Percent Showcase Evaluation

All-Star. Quite possibly Philly’s top ’24. He led Episcopal Academy in scoring as a freshman with 31 goals and 13 assists. At a young age, Jaszcz already possesses a sophisticated array of moves. His footwork to tiptoe around the crease is outstanding. He’s able to shoot with power and placement from a variety of angles. Jaszcz can hurt you off the dodge from up top, create angles from the wings or distribute from X. All of it stems from a sublime set of hands, next-level vision and the slow heartbeat to make heady decisions with the ball in his stick. When his physicality matures to meet his obvious skills, he will be nearly impossible to stop.

Episcopal Academy-Germantown Academy Standout

At times, it felt like EA was using only lefties out there. Between Jaszcz, TJ Lamb (see below) and Reilly Dugan (Big 4 HHH / Villanova), the Churchmen had a ton of southpaw firepower. Jascsz is the youngest, but he might end up being the best of the three, which is saying something. So smooth and poised with the ball in his stick, the freshman is EA’s leading scorer, and he filled up the stat sheet to the tune of a hat trick and an assist. He’s a very savvy player who knows how to get open, and he’s a legit shooter with great mechanics.

“Just from game one, he plays under control. He’s consistent. He doesn’t try to do too much and he’s skilled and unafraid. He’s just a gamer. It’s been fun to watch him develop,” EA head coach Chris Bates said.

Major Accolades

2021 One Percent Showcase All-Star
2021 Varsity leading scorer as a freshman