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Cam Kelley

Committed to:Notre Dame
High School
Salisbury, Conn.
Current Team
Prime Time
5 out of 5 stars

Led Prime Time to a national title at the July 2022 NLF Summer Championships.

One Percent Showcase Evaluation

All-Star Game MVP. How much time ya got for this one?

Kelley has such a presence on the field and has a well-earned big reputation that he more than backed up throughout the day. He’s already 6-1, 175 pounds with a frame that suggests that he can play much heavier down the road. Kelley runs by guys with ease, using his strength to get leverage once he has a step on guys. He shoots the living daylight out of the ball and the lefty scored with either hand multiple times. He pocketed three goals in the All-Star Game, including an absolute bomb that vaporized the net as time expired.

Kelley’s versatility, though, is where he really shines. He took a handful of faceoffs and won nearly all of them, often chasing down the ground ball himself. The North Carolina native also had a wealth of impressive passes, including a dime to Higgins for a bouncer. If I were making the NLF rankings for the class of 2025 right now, he’d have a very serious case for No. 1 in the class.