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Committed to:
High School
Noble & Greenough, Mass.
Current Team
Laxachusetts Black
5 out of 5 stars

Ninety freaking points in 21 games. Those would be incredible numbers for anyone, but a freshman righty playing lefty attack? Completely absurd. Gilbane has a really nice touch around the cage and places his shots well. When he’s at X, he’s able to go to either hand as both a feeder and scorer, and it makes him so tough to defend. Gilbane’s high IQ allows him to diagnose plays quickly, and he does an excellent job of getting his teammates involved.

He doesn’t lack for confidence, is deceptively shifty and able to make guys miss, and he doesn’t lack for toughness. For an X guy, Gilbane’s very comfortable operating up top and is very effective as a lefty shooter on the topside sweep. He also does a great job of finding holes in coverage when working off-ball, and he’s got the hands to quickly catch and finish in traffic with either hand. At this point, he’s probably the most balanced attackman in the class in terms of how he can beat defenses in so many different ways.