In our Behind the NLF Rankings Features, we will take a deeper look into what makes some of our top club programs, teams, and student-athletes achieve their elite-level success.

MadLax Capital is the first National Lacrosse Federation Rankings No. 1 ranked team in the Class of 2024

MadLax Club Director and 2024 head coach Cabell Maddux shared with us how this group has risen to the top of the ranks.

What makes this group such a special group on and off the field?

Maddux: I have coached dozens of club, varsity, college, and international teams since 1995 and this 2024 team works harder, which is why they are one of the best.  They never settle even when they are ranked No.1 nationally. They compete in practices, and even though we have added and lost players and lost a few games over the years – the culture is so strong, and they are so resilient. They will continue to outwork you to become the absolute best players and the team that they can be. Also, every team has beaten us once, and we have turned around and defeated them the next time.


Most memorable moments, signature games that stand out, and championships won?

Maddux: I have a short memory so I would say the most recent championship at the Club Nationals 2021 in Orlando. The semi-final win over a one-time ‘super’ team, which was created just to beat us. Also – the Naptown 2020 on ESPN was pretty special! Being on ESPN and winning it all to finish the summer was definitely sweet.

Championships won by the 2024s

Club Nationals 2021
Platinum Cup 2020
Naptown 2020, 2019
NLF Championships 2019
NAL Summer 2019, 2018
NAL Fall 2020, 2019
HOCO Spring League four times.

When did you know you had a special group on your hands?

Maddux: It was in 2013 when we started that I knew we had the athletes. At one point between 2015-2018, I don’t think we lost a single game.

Who are some of your toughest opponents and rival clubs in the Class of 2024? What makes these matchups so good?

Maddux: LI Legacy – They are well-coached and very organized. We have respect for so many clubs, but LI Legacy is solid and it usually is a sick game when we go head-to-head.

Top Standouts

with quick thoughts from the Madlax staff
Kevin Miller ’24 – courtesy Madlax

’24 Kevin Miller, attack, Landon (Md.) – An elite attackman who has put up big numbers as a freshman.

’24 Anthony Panetti, midfield, Landon (Md.) – Dominant and one of the top midfielders in the country.

Davis Owens ’24 – courtesy of Madlax

’24 Davis Owens, lsm – Landon (Md.)– Balanced and can play on both sides of the field.

’24 Brayden Ferguson, goalie, Bullis (Md.) Dialed-In keeper, who exceptional focus.

Brayden Ferguson and Ryan Welgos – Courtesy of Madlax

’24 Ryan Welgos – defense – Georgetown Prep (Md.) Physical and skilled.

Steele Maddux ’24 – courtesy MadLax

’24 Steele Maddux, attack, Landon (Md.)– Slick attackman with the ball in his stick.

’24 Robert Bath, midfield, Gonzaga (Md.) – Do-It-All midfielder, with versatility and a balanced skillset.

’24 Porter Malkiel, midfield, Jesuit (Ore.) – The Oregon native is a difficult cover out of the midfield.

’24 Joey Bambrick, midfield, Bellarmine Prep (Wash.) – The Seattle resident is an offensive weapon.

’24 Graham Lesher, defense / lsm, Georgetown Prep (Wash.) – A shutdown defender who answers the call.

Graham Lesher ’24 and Brayden Ferguson ’24 – courtesy of Madlax

Under The Radar Players

’24 Nathan Furgeson, midfield, Landon (Md.) – Three-sport varsity athlete, who was the football quarterback, wrestled on varsity, and is a developing two-way midfielder. Just a great all-around athlete with a ton of potential and currently excelling as a short-stick defensive midfielder.

’24 Henry Richter, defense, Highland Park (Texas) – A Dallas, Texas resident and imposing 6-foot-3, 185 lb pole, Richter utilizes his size and athletic ability and has developed into a big-time rising player to watch this summer.

Madlax 2024 Coaching Staff

Cabell Maddux – Director and 2024 Head Coach

Maddux founded Madlax in 1996. He established and has developed lacrosse teamscampsleaguesclinics, and tournaments for boys and girls of all ages at the youth, high school, college, travel all-star, and even international levels since 1980.

A former All-American in both high school (Lawrenceville) and college (Hobart), Maddux was named New Jersey Player of the Year in 1989 and the NCAA Attackman of the Year in 1993. He was part of two National Championship teams at Hobart in 1991 and 1993. As an international, college, high school, and youth coach since 1994 he has led his teams to numerous championships. Maddux is most proud of his record of college placement,  All-Stars program, and C.A.S.E. initiative.

Since its inception in 1996, Madlax has helped 500 young men achieve their dream of playing college lacrosse in the D1, D2 or D3 ranks through the Madlax All-Stars program. Maddux looks forward to helping the new regional and partner Madlax all-star programs create similar success.

Asst Coach: Nick McEvoy (Penn State 2020)
Asst Coach: Sean O’Brien (Bucknell 2018)
Summer College Asst. Coach: Alex Trippi (UNC 2022)

Recent Assistants: Parker Baddley Colgate ’20 and Billy Braungart, Catholic ’19.

Summer & Fall Schedule

June 26: Friendly Fireworks. We are opening the summer with a LIVE Game against The Annapolis Hawks.

June 28-30: Naptown

July 6-7:  Platinum Cup

July 16-18: NLF Championships

July 24-25: NAL Summer

October 2-3: Coast to Coast Fall Fray

October 9-10: The Show 2024

November 6-7: ADRN Gold Cup

November 13-14: NAL Fall

January 1-2: Club Nationals in Orlando

Recent Alums

Connor Shellenberger – Virginia ’24

Joey Epstein – Johns Hopkins ’23

Alex Trippi – North Carolina ’21

Andrew Tyeryar – North Carolina ’24

Jack Peele – Virginia ’22

From the Coach’s Box

with Cabell Maddux

On the Improvements made by the group: “Handling adversity and the fact that everyone is gunning for us. The boys handle it like professionals and have an impressive level of confidence in what we do. Our systems and the style of play that we have, work – so the boys know that if they play with confidence and understand clearly what we need to do, that they can win every game.”

On the qualities that make this group stand out: “They are all impressive athletes but they are better teammates!  They are all winners and extremely competitive but all get A’s and B’s in school and are very bright. It shows with their HIGH IQ level on the field. They will all be very successful in life with whatever they chose to do after college lacrosse.”

Future Goals: “Helping them choose the best college for them so their college coaches can enjoy them as much as I have.”

More on Recruiting: “We have a unique and calculated approach to the recruiting process. We do not go to everything (showcases etc.) and we make sure every one of our players gets the attention to the process that they deserve. Our goal is to have every kid who wants to play college lacrosse play and have it be the right fit. Whether that is a Division I or Division III school, we are determined to give our players the best information and is one of the oldest programs we have built that foundation and relationships to make it work.”