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We’re finally off and running with the first NLF class of 2024 player rankings.

It’s a testament to the depth of this class that more than 100 players received consideration for the rankings, which feature the top 60 players in the country. As the class continues to make itself known, we will expand our rankings to include more and more players, particularly after their big recruiting summer.

Players from all over the country are eligible for the rankings. That’s regardless of whether or not they play for an NLF club. Rankings are compiled after extensive analysis from club coaches, high school coaches and other prominent figures in the lacrosse world. We’ll be counting down to No. 1, culminating with the No. 1 player in the class.


As a reminder, feel free to check out the rest of the site for plenty of spring high school coverage. The NLF has covered games in Pennsylvania, Maryland, D.C., New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California and more. We look to continue to increase our coverage. If you’re looking for game stories, standouts, player quotes, etc., this is the place to find it.

Finally, No. 1 Emerges

Without further ado, let’s continue the class of 2024 top 60. All ten players in this group are considered five-star prospects. CLICK HERE for the 60-51 group, HERE for the 50-41 group, HERE for the 40-31 group, HERE for the 30-21 group, HERE for the 20-11 group and HERE for the 10-6 group. CLICK HERE to read about No. 5 prospect Ryan Duenkel. CLICK HERE to read about No. 4 prospect Mike Rooney. CLICK HERE to read about No. 3 prospect Tade WynnCLICK HERE to read about No. 2 prospect Luke Hublitz. More four-star prospects from outside the top 60 will also be announced soon.

NLF Class of 2024 Top 60
No. 5 Ryan Duenkel
No. 4 Mike Rooney
No. 3 Tade Wynn
No. 2 Luke Hublitz

In a class where you can make a case that the top five or so are basically interchangeable, Laake gets the nod at No. 1 because of his consistency, physicality, athleticism and the fact that nobody ever freaking beats this guy. He was terrific at the NLF Fall Invitational in a Crabs win over Laxachusetts, then backed it up with a dominant performance at NLF at IMG. Checking in at 6-1, 200 pounds, Laake has a wide base, an incredibly strong lower body and excellent footwork. Once he latches on, it’s over. Get rid of the ball or you’re going to have a really bad time.

Laake prides himself on his coverage ability, and it’s what helps separate him from everyone else.

“I’m definitely more fundamental,” Laake said at IMG. “I don’t throw a lot of checks. I’d rather play position defense.”

That’s not to say that can’t separate man from ball in a quickness. When Laake does throw checks, they tend to land, and they tend to hurt. He can match up with size or speed, power or quickness, and anything in between. Basically, if your No. 1 attackman is going against him, don’t expect much – if any – offense.

Bright Future Ahead

“Pete is so good in coverage that you can take away his stick and his opponents still won’t be able to beat him and he won’t be in the penalty box for fouls,” Crabs coach and former pro GM Spencer Ford said. “It’s amazing how well his feet move. He came from a family whose main sport was baseball. He started at a lower club, worked his way up to play for the Crabs, and now he covers No. 1s all the time. He’s even covering No. 1 guys in the 2022 and 2023 class. If you beat him once, you’d better savor it because it’s not going to happen too many times.”

“Peter has a feel for the game that is hard to teach,” PLL pro, Loyola Blakefield defensive coordinator and former Maryland standout Matt Dunn said. “He is well-rounded and one of the most complete defenders that I have seen. He can cover top players, pressure the ball, slide and recover, push transition, and is great off the ground. His innate playmaking ability, talent, and coachability make him an asset to any team. I am excited to continue watching his growth.”

Laake also gave some hints as to which school might lead for him at this early stage in a recent episode of the NLF Insider Podcast.