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Austin Hicks

Committed to:Penn
High School
St. Margaret's Episcopal, Calif.
Current Team
Mad Dog
5 out of 5 stars

NLF Spring 2022 Class of 2024 Rankings
Ranked No. 12

Hicks has average size but plays much bigger than he is. He seeks out and creates contact as a dodger, almost as if a dodge doesn’t start until he’s made contact with his matchup. He’s an excellent shooter who creates his own shot very well, and turn and rake if you allow him to get his hands free even for a split second.

Hicks was a monster for Pacific Southwest at the Nike National All-Star Games last summer. He earned MVP honors after leading his team to a championship after filling up the back of the net in every game.

Nike National All-Star Games 2024 MVP

The 2024 tournament MVP, Hicks was buttery smooth as the team’s right-handed sniper. He’s a smart player who positions himself well on the right-hand side to serve as an outlet for transition. He also operated well in the two-man game, using picks to create shooting opportunities. Hicks’ low-to-high rip is deadly when it’s hitting the net.