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Stevie Davis

Committed to:
High School
La Salle, Pa.
Current Team
Duke’s LC
4 out of 5 stars

NLF Spring 2022 Class of 2024
Ranked No. 43

Still relatively new to the faceoff position, Davis has quickly become one of the best in the class. He still has plenty of upside, too. Davis showed out against defending PIAA champion Radnor to start the season for the Explorers, and he hasn’t slowed down yet. Davis’ first step is second to none in the class. He explodes out of his stance and collects ground balls with ease. Davis is a legitimate scoring threat after the win and he’s shown that he’s almost unbeatable once he gets in a zone.

La Salle – Radnor Lead Standout

One of the reasons why it’s almost universally accepted that there will be a rematch is the talent on both sides. Friday night, though, it was the talent at one position that overwhelmingly tipped the scales to La Salle. Davis, a relative newcomer to the position, has been one of the fastest-rising players in the 2024 class in the past year.

He lost three of the first four faceoffs to Radnor senior Mason Brown, but the one win? The speedy Davis exploded out of his stance and snapped a high bouncer to give the La Salle its first lead of the game, and 23 seconds later, Kelly tallied his first of two markers on the game. Davis actually lost the faceoff on that one when he jumped early. It was the last time he lost a faceoff.

“(The goal) was awesome,” Davis said. “It gave us a ton of momentum. I think we scored two off of that. We were juiced on the sideline and it gave us the momentum.”