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Ronan Fitzpatrick

Committed to:Towson
High School
Sayville, N.Y.
Current Team
Team 91 LI
4 out of 5 stars

Committed to Towson on 9.22.21

Scored 51 goals and dished out 13 assists as a sophomore at Sayville.

NLF Elite 120 Standout

If you see Fitzpatrick about to unload a shot, run for the hills. He’s not overly big, but the lefty somehow packs an enormous punch on his shot, and it helped him tally the third-most goals on Long Island this spring with a 51-tally campaign. Fitzpatrick did a nice job of cutting off ball and he brings plenty of toughness and grit to the party. He’s at his best, though, when given a little time and room to step down and rock the net with his shot. Fitzpatrick started off a little slow with his accuracy and then really picked it up as he got more comfortable.

NLF Futures at IMG Standout

There can’t be many ’23 attackmen who shoot the ball harder than the Team 91 lefty does. Fitzpatrick can absolutely hum it with the best of ’em, but he showed improvement in his all-around game with a handful of eyebrow-raising plays. His best of the weekend was a 30-yard skip pass in transition to the back pipe for an easy tap-in, an impressive play for anyone, but especially for one who’s been known as a pure sniper. The All-Star had a number of really nice off-ball cuts that led to goals, cranked a couple bombs home and also a silky smooth BTB in the All-Star Game to highlight his vast shooting repertoire.

Major Accolades

2021 Elite 120 Standout
2021 One Percent Showcase
2021 NLF at IMG All-Star