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Other ’26 five-star announcements

Tuck Gilbane, A, Noble & Greenough (Mass.) / Laxachusetts
Ethan Bramoff, LSM, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) / Long Island Express

It’s a sure bet that everyone knows whenever and wherever Lucas Garcia has the ball in the offensive end of the field.


The Brunswick (Conn.) standout had traditionally been a dynamic midfielder that gave defenses fits from up top. That’s how he helped Prime Time 2025 win the NLF National Championship two summers ago and guided them back to the title game last summer.

This fall, though, he moved to more of an attack role for the Prime Time ’26s. He was generally attacking from different spots, but the results remained the same. A lot of turning and raking for goalies, a lot to celebrate for Prime Time. It’s his versatility that has helped him blossom into one of the top players in the class of 2026. Whether it’s at attack or midfield, one thing remains the same. Your defense better be able to figure out where Garcia’s coming from, or else you’re going to have a real bad time.

It’s a big reason why he’s the third player in the class of 2026 to earn five-star honors. He joins Laxachusetts attackman Tuck Gilbane (Noble & Greenough, Mass.) and Long Island Express LSM Ethan Bramoff (St. Anthony’s, N.Y.) as those five-stars announced. Click here for more about Gilbane. Click here for more about Bramoff.

Explosiveness for Days

“Lucas is a dynamic player who can break down a defense from anywhere on the field,” Prime Time 2025 coach Chris Daniello said. “When coaches talk about positionless lacrosse, he fits into that mold and he can score in a variety of ways with a hard shot on the run with both hands. His love for the game is apparent and he has a relentless motor on the field. Lucas’ work ethic has helped him make major strides over the last few seasons, helping him become one of the best players in the class with endless upside on the field.”

No kidding. Watch Garcia on the field and it’s readily apparent that there aren’t many like him. At IMLCA this winter, he guided a Prime Time ’26 team short on bodies to the tournament quarterfinals, and he had some of the most impressive plays of the tournament. On one alley dodge, he absolutely cranked a lefty shot home for a goal that had people asking if he was a natural lefty. He’s a moveable chess piece, and it’s his versatility and two-handedness that make him a natural fit to help Brunswick have another great season this year.

“Lucas is fast and athletic,” Brunswick coach David Bruce said. “He can play both attack and midfield, and his explosive first step allows him to separate, even against a pole, in the midfield.”

Scouting Report

Garcia’s different from a lot of the offensive players in the class. In the early going, most of the high-end hybrid A/M types are lefties, so Garcia’s versatility gives him a leg up on other righties. His explosiveness, speed and athleticism help set him apart. It’s go time the second he puts his foot in the ground, and he’s comfortable dodging from X, the wings or up top.

A true multi-dimensional offensive threat, Garcia’s as good as anyone in the class at shooting with either hand. He’s got both power and accuracy, and letting him get his hands free is a defensive nightmare. It was really impressive to watch seamlessly transition from being predominantly a midfielder to almost exclusively an attackman this fall and winter. The NLF at IMG All-Star’s future is very bright.